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Basic Rules and Information on the forum

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:02 pm

This was created to be an anonymous place for my coworkers in Northern California to post and discuss what is happening to us and with our Employer.  I have worked for Walgreens for a number of years and have seen it change from a company that if I did it a favor by working OT or working at a less desirable location for a little while people cared and appreciated it and good things would happen as a result.  Often times it feels like lately it is just a job.  I want my Walgreens BACK!!!
    Please respect the opinions of others who post here.  We will not tolerate anything but the best here.  Out aim is to discuss and hopefully find a way forward to be included in the "happy and healthy" is promoted to our customers.
  Lastly,  I am not a computer person.....I use one everyday at work, but excuse that fast that this is a low frills forum as this is not my day job.


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